Teenage Girl Feeling Intimidated As She Walks Home

              Since opening our doors on January 2, 2018, we have found there to be a significant need in Clay County for services for women and their families. The greatest need we have seen is for temporary housing and emergency funds to prevent these families from becoming homeless.

                One of our first clients came to us after being displaced by a recent apartment complex fire on Kingsley Avenue in Orange Park.  This family, a single mother and her two teenage daughters, had already been through a difficult time prior to the fire, after being placed in the apartment by a local domestic violence shelter.  They lost everything in the fire and literally came to us with the clothes on their backs.  We connected them with a number of resources but mostly were there to offer support and a voice for them in their search for assistance. We are happy to report they now have a permanent residence with most of their immediate needs met. 

                With this in mind we have developed an emergency needs program in honor of John B. Moss, the inspiration of our nonprofit.  The John B. Moss Memorial Program for  Emergency Shelter and Housing Expenses will help women in our community avoid homelessness by helping them with temporary shelter expenses, security deposits and short term rent.  Most of the women who are coming to us have found themselves destitute because of misfortune of one kind or another.  Like many in our country, they were one paycheck away from being homeless.

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  • Transportation Assistance
  • Adult Continuing Education Scholarships and Mentoring
  • Essential Furnishings and Family Items
  • John B. Moss Memorial Program for Emergency Shelter and Housing Expenses