Support Services

Women’s Empowerment Services of Northeast Florida (WESNEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing women a platform through which to harness strength, confidence and professional growth.

Our Services:

We offer guidance on finding, applying for, and receiving both government and private assistance from a wide offering of programs (i.e. housing, childcare, Medicaid, food assistance, cash assistance, and prescription assistance.)

We provide a household necessities program that is powered by donations from the Jacksonville area. One of our assistance coordinators conducts a home-visit to evaluate the needs of the prospective client. Items include but are not limited to beds, cribs, couches, tables, sheets, blankets, towels, dishes, etc.

We run a GED tutoring program for women pursuing a State of Florida High School Diploma. Using skilled volunteers and interns, we conduct private tutoring sessions in all GED subject areas including Language Arts (Reading), Language Arts (Writing), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.

We offer biweekly and monthly community classes on parenting and family development, personal finance, and resume building.

We also offer a Little Feet program for expectant mothers to learn about what should happen when baby arrives. After completing this online training, the expectant mother will receive a box full of baby items that doubles as a safe sleep bed for baby.