Support Services

Women’s Empowerment Services of Northeast Florida (WESNEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing women a platform through which to harness strength, confidence and professional growth.

Our Services:

We offer guidance on finding, applying for, and receiving both government and private assistance from a wide offering of programs (i.e. housing, childcare, Medicaid, food assistance, cash assistance, and prescription assistance.)

Homelessness & Eviction Prevention: This program is for you if you are facing eviction or are currently homeless or living in an extended-stay motel. Contact us for details.

Housing Advocacy: If you have credit issues or background issues that are preventing you from being able to rent your own place, we would like to help you.

Essential Items: If you or your family is in need of beds, dressers, a kitchen table, or clothing, linens, or dishes, or any other essential items, contact us.

Adult Continuing Education Scholarships and Mentoring: If you desire to further your education and your financial situation is the only thing holding you back, we would like to help. We offer full and partial scholarships to GED completion programs and Post Secondary Adult Vocational programs like Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, and 911 Dispatch.

Transportation Assistance: If you are in temporary need of assistance with gas for your vehicle or a bus pass to get to work, school, or doctor’s appointments, please contact us.

Resource Guide: Our client advocates are ready to help you find ways to meet your basic needs through available resources throughout the Northeast Florida community. Please contact us with your need and we will try our best to meet it or find an organization or person that can assist you.

Email us at to inquire about services or request assistance.